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Comfort Quest
Brian Hudson
Album Cover
Released: Feb 5, 2013
Label: Strong Woman Recrds
Track Listing
1 Modern Man
2 Money or Love
3 Emily
4 The Guy from Stories Read to Kids at Night
5 I Must Be About My Business
6 Where's My Wallet
7 Lonely As Balls
8 Food Stamp Party
9 Harder Than a Diamond
10 I Gotta Keep with It


Humor, Satire Fit Snugly on Comfort Quest
Duluth News Tribune
Definitely, this is the first album in history to mention jogging in more than one song, right? [Read More...]
Brian Hudson on his new release, Comfort Quest
Talking With Tim
It has been more two years since I last spoke to Brian Hudson about his music. This past March, Hudson released his latest album, Comfort Quest. In addition to discussing the challenges of recording this new album, Hudson opened up about moving to New Orleans and the impact the change in surroundings has had on the singer/songwriter’s music. [Read More...]
Sensitive without Being Mush Mouthed
Midwest Record
Hudson owes no real debt to the past... [Read More...]
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